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Festive Dog & Chocolates - with your choice of cracker

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Cracker Design

At last, Christmas Crackers with gifts you will want to keep!
These specially selected handmade gifts are a truly desirable set of contents for your crackers. Taste them, keep them, cherish them.

Handmade Chocolate Ginger Bread Men - 1x milk, 1x white and 1x dark.
Ingredients; Sugar, cocoa butter, whole milk powder, cocoa mass, emulsifier:
soya lecithin, natural vanilla (cocoa solids milk 33%, white 28%, dark 55%)
(milk solids milk 20.5%, white 25%). 

Festive Dog - Felted Decoration Handmade in Nepal (not a toy)
'This product has been made by skilled Crafts people in Nepal and by buying this
product you are supporting Fair wages, working conditions and helping secure
future employment.’ Amica Accessories

CHOOSE YOUR CRACKER: 'Christmas Floral' - red, red/green, white/red,
'Finesse' cherry, 'Ornate' red, 'Folk' red/green.

Cracker - when made-up 11.5 x 5.5 x 5.5cm (area for gift) - and 30cm long
with Matching Gift Tag

MADE TO KEEP... They come flat-packed, ready to pop into shape and
fill with your own special gifts. They do bang when pulled but don't tear.
To reuse, simply replace the snaps. Full instructions included. 
If you'd like more information, please refer to the 'How to' page to see the
diagrams and view our short movie.

ALSO AVAILABLE: Packs of Replacement Snaps.

The chocolates have been handmade in York by Guppys Chocolates.
The handmade decorations are brought to you by Amica Accessories.
Feel free to email for more information.