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Have your Re-usable Crackers filled with Handmade Gifts.

Fillers include; Handmade Chocolates (set of 3) with Handmade felted Animal Decorations.

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Handmade Felted Animal Decorations ‘This product has been made by skilled Crafts people in Nepal and by buying this product you are supporting Fair wages, working conditions and helping secure future employment.’ Amica Accessories


Choose your Gifts - Choose your Cracker...

Choose from; Festive Dog with 3 chocolates, Festive Sheep with 3 chocolates, Festive Donkey with 3 chocolates.

Reusable Cracker when made-up 
11.5 x 5.5 x 5.5cm (area for gift) 30cm long,

Also available Replacement snaps;
pack of 6 - £1
pack of 12 - £2


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