How Eco-friendly are Reusable Christmas Crackers?

Keep This Cracker is a reusable alternative to standard disposable crackers. Christmas wouldn't be complete without party crackers, particularly in the UK, where it's estimated that between 50-150 million are pulled in one festive season!  Let's say we each pull an average of two, then 100 million crackers laid end to end, would stretch from the UK to the North Pole there and back - 4 times!

(Estimated on a standard cracker length of 34cm.)


We don't use any single use plastic in our packaging. Unlike most crackers, ours come flat-packed in minimal packaging, ready to be popped into shape.
The packs are wrapped in 100% recycled paper sleeves and sent out in cardboard envelopes, sealed with recycled kraft paper tape. All promotional material is printed on recycled paper. 


You won't find any glitter or foil printing on our crackers. Made using FSC certified folding box board (paper from responsible sources). Printed in the UK using water/vegetable based inks and varnish, so they are fully recyclable. Our new Kraft Crackers are made with uncoated natural kraft board (PEFC certified) and it's compostable too. The glue on the crackers is water based PVA .

Recycled Ribbons

We use ribbons woven in the UK with yarns made from 100% used plastic bottles sourced from Europe.

Introducing the Ecosnap®

Each cracker from the new 2020 collection comes with an ecosnap® It's a silent snap your pets will love too. Recyclable, compostable and made in UK. Invented by Bea Thackeray and exclusive to Keep This Cracker and approved stockists.

Made in UK

We save on air-miles too as the component parts, packaging and promotional materials are sourced from UK manufacturers. We have supported UK makers since 2013. The crackers are assembled and packed in-house.

(The standard snaps come from a UK based importer as I don't know of anyone that makes them here.)


'Keep This Cracker' is reusable, unlike standard disposable crackers. The Patented construction allows the user to easily replace the snap without any glue or mess.


The crackers are fully recyclable. They can be taken apart and all the components and packaging easily separated, ready to be re-purposed or recycled.