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Wedding Favour Crackers x20 - 'Royal Blue' colour

£ 32.00 incl. tax*

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Blue makes an elegant and popular colour choice for a wedding. These Favour Crackers
come with Royal Blue satin ribbons and make perfect keepsakes of your Special Day.
You can fill them with your own choice of gifts. They go bang and pull open without
tearing, so your guests can take them away at the end of the day. Made in UK.

JUST £1.60 per cracker - Pack of 20
£1.40 per cracker - Pack of 100
plus postage

Designs are printed in silver on white; 'Floral', 'Hearts', 'Lace' and 'Snowflake'. 

DIMENSIONS: when made-up 9 x 4.5 x 4.5cm (area for gift) - and 23cm long
Supplied flat-packed with ribbons and snaps.

1) Colours shown may vary when viewed on screen, if you'd like a sample of
ribbon please email your request to 
2) If you would like a specific quantity of crackers that's no problem,
please email with your requirements. 

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Replacement snaps in packs of 6

* Based on residence in United Kingdom. Tax rates for other countries will be calculated at the checkout. Price exclusive of tax: £ 26.67.